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Strategically located storage terminals and state-of-the-art technologies are important assets, but it is our people who make the true difference.
We continuously invest in the training and development of our employees, to improve their career possibilities and their dedication to Seabunker’s strategic goals. All over the world our customers can count on the talent and commitment to service of dedicated professionals.

Our tailored service offerings are designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements. We have the infrastructure and flexibility to handle our customers’ bulk liquid storage needs safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.
We enhance customer efficiency by integrating our services seamlessly into their supply chains.

Chemtrade Storage Nederland BV stores virtually any liquid product that is transported in bulk.
These products include sublease of crude and refined petroleum products (gasoline, fuel oils, and asphalt), chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, solvents and sulfuric acid), animal fats and oils (used in cosmetics and soaps), vegetable oils (used in food products), molasses and alcohols.
Most Chemtrade Storage Nederland BV clients provide only petroleum storage larege quantity on sublease, others provide chemical storage.

Our personnel are trained to maintain the highest standards of environmental and operational safety while delivering efficient and flexible service.
Our strategy is to grow through optimizing the capabilities of our existing assets, making third-party acquisitions to extend our product offering and service territory, and strategically enter new markets.

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